Friday, May 22, 2015

Why Hire A Pro?

Many people wonder why they should hire a professional photographer... in today's times of camera phones and point and shoot cameras, it's easy to think you can get your own snapshots to create memories - and you CAN! However... if you want something that is worthy of being framed or passed on for years to come a professional is the right choice. We take many classes and get certifications so that we can get the best possible photos of you and your loved ones. It's fun to get selfies and group shots with the iPhone and I'm not saying that needs to go away - what I'm saying is that for the big moments in life - hire someone that can truly get the feel you want. For portraits, have someone once a year or so get photos of your family, your headshots, your kids, you and your partner etc. Updating your headshots for social media and websites is critical too - you want your customers to recognize you from your site when you meet face to face. If you're unsure of what to expect, check us out at

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